Styleguide Styleguide



The following adjectives describe the tone of voice to be used in Vitae communications:

  • Crisp
  • Clear
  • Client-oriented
  • Conveying value
  • Forward-thinking
  • Professional

Wording should mimic how our clients think and speak about employability.

While Vitae operates in a “blue ocean” space without many competitors, it is nevertheless important to have a clear stance on competitiveness, as follows:

“Vitae is non-competitive in nature, as its intention is to help scale up excellence in the employability practices of higher education institutions in emerging markets. Others operate within the employability space, each having their own purpose and advantage within a given market. Vitae is respectful towards their efforts and approaches its role in the marketplace with humility. This is particularly important given the prominence of the World Bank Group’s name.”