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Vitae’s “flight” graphic

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The “flight” graphic uses the logo icon in a repeated pattern based on an isometric grid. Depending on how you look at it, the pattern might suggest a flock of birds, building blocks, or open books.

The positive flight graphic

Color variations

The flight graphic is available in two variations:

  • Color: A red version.
  • Monochrome: A purple version.


For use over light backgrounds.

  • The color graphic
  • The monochrome graphic


For use over dark backgrounds.

  • The color graphic
  • The monochrome graphic

The isometric grid

The flight graphic is built on an isometric grid, which a designer can use to construct other patterns to suit other contexts. The logo icon can be repeated and used in varied combinations to achieve many different patterns and effects.

The logo and its grid

Grid template

A grid template
A designer can construct new patterns using this template. Right-click (or control-click) the image below to download it.