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Referencing Vitae

Vitae comprises all aspects of IFC’s employability advisory, whether for public or private sector engagement. It’s an umbrella term that includes all products and services related to IFC’s work in furthering the graduate employability of higher education institutions.

The following rules should be followed when referencing Vitae:

  • In the logo Vitae is spelled with a lower-case “v,” however the name in type must always be capitalized.
  • Inclusion of the World Bank Group can be made only in reference to IFC, such as “Vitae is an innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.” It’s not allowed to mention the World Bank Group without IFC first being mentioned, or instead of IFC.
  • The Vitae software should be referred to as the “Vitae App.” The Vitae App cannot be referred to as the “employability tool.”
  • Vitae is available and relevant to universities wherever their location, although its intention is for universities in emerging markets. Don’t use the words “developing countries” in conjunction with Vitae.